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              The first concert presented by the Chorale was in December, 2003. However, the roots of the Chorale go back to September 1993, when the Community College of Allegheny County North Campus Community Choir began as a non-credit class. The choir relocated to LaRoche College as the LaRoche College Community Choir in January, 2003, for one semester. Members of the choir decided in the summer of 2003 to form an independent community choir, and the North Hills Chorale was born. Several members who joined us back during the CCAC timeframe remain with the Chorale. The North Hills Chorale has since incorporated, and earned 501(c)3 non-profit status in 2011.


Mission Statement

     "The North Hills Chorale, Inc. is an adult choral ensemble dedicated to increasing the music literacy and education of its members, and increasing music awareness and appreciation in the local community.  Organized on a volunteer, non-audition basis and open to all who love music, the Chorale seeks to perform technically challenging and broadening musical selections under professional direction at both concert performances and for various charitable causes."

     Established in 2002, the North Hills Chorale encourages members to further their individual music reading skills and vocal development through regular rehearsals. During these rehearsals, the musical director is responsible for the education of the choir about the music being performed and the interpretation of that music. Sight-singing techniques, music reading proficiency, and other concepts are taught through the rehearsal process. Participants in the chorale are held to a high standard of musical competence.

     Attendees to the chorale’s performances also engage in a learning experience. Music that is selected for performance is often historically significant or otherwise educational. Program notes, in combination with the director’s own comments, directly engage the audience in a didactic experience. The goal is that every member of the audience departs with a greater understanding of the music heard and its cultural, historical, and social significance. Exposing the community to choral music of many different genres is an important educational objective of the chorale.

     In addition to education, the North Hills Chorale is able to positively influence the community through the monetary donations of concert goers. The ensemble works hard to preserve relationships with other community organizations and consistently searches for charitable opportunities.

     The North Hills Chorale, Inc is a tax exempt, non-profit organization under the IRS 501c3 code.  Financial income for the North Hills Chorale consists of membership fees, fundraising events, and donations. Only the musical director, accompanist, and other instrumentalists are paid. All other members of the Board of Directors volunteer their services. Money raised or contributed to the chorale’s fund goes directly to the purchase of music, rehearsal and performance space, director and accompanist salaries, and other necessary expenses that arise such as program costs and recording fees. The organization is one of non-profit status.

     The combination of educational and charitable contributions of the North Hills Chorale establishes it as an invaluable organization to the community. The spread of musical literacy and audiation preserves the integrity and future of choral music. Efforts to assist local organizations in need financially offer another role for the chorale. Community is a central theme to the organization that proudly calls itself the “North Hills Chorale."

Celebrating 25+ Years!




Rehearsals held Mondays, 7:30-9:30 PM, St. Vincent Hall,   8150 McKnight Road, Pittsburgh, PA  15237




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